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Dr Ononuju Ebubechukwu

About Me

I used to be just like you until one day I was privileged to discover Kingdom fitness Program! 

We did a challenge and lost 15kg without working out for hours, starving or eliminating whole food group! I got radiant skin, my health soared , my energy bounced back,  my once beautiful skin restored, got my mental clarity back, chest pains disappeared, hip joint pains stopped

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Hello Christian Moms

You would agree with me that it is so difficult to retain your youthful and radiant look after giving birth to a baby. For some of us, it is impossible to regain a flat tummy after our first baby, let alone the second and third.

It is now a thing to worry about that so many of us can't be impactful and effective because we really wish we could blast belly fat and regain a fit body but no matter how hard we try we just can't achieve it

We often times drink harmful fitness tea, some of us try to hit the gym but those tedious exercises are just too difficult to keep up with or have you even tried taking unhealthy pills and supplements?

Do you know the dangers involved in keeping belly fat? Do you know what happens when we keep adding weight continously without shedding it away?

Belly fat and over weight

  • Of course, it takes away our energy and leaves us ineffective
  • It makes us less attractive to our husbands
  • We lose focus because we can no longer be impactful to our society when we are overweight

But have you imagined the health and psychological dangers involved in gaining too much weight and adding belly fat? Please go through this very short video to find out about the unknown but very important thing that will happen to your body if you don't blast belly fat this moment and regain a slim good looking you

Watch This Video, it is very important you know what you are up against

That's Why You Need The Impact Maker Crush Belly Fat Challenge

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  • How To  Melt belly fat, lose weight and Improve Fitness in 10 days. Get fit for impact
  • How  to Restore hormone balance naturally
  • Improve Mental health
  • Reverse Chronic diseases like Diabetes, hypertension, 
  • Correct Infertility , SEX Selection-How To Have A Male Or Female Baby
  • How to Maintain health instead of Managing disease
  • How To Become An IMPACT MAKER-Make The IMPACT And Income You Dream Of...Right Now!
  • And So Much More...

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Dr Ononuju Ebubechukwu

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Your Host

Dr Ononuju Ebubechukwu

  • Medical doctor, USA
  • Lifestyle Medicine
  • 6-Figure A Month Automation Coach
  • Pastor's Wife
  • Mother

See What Others Are Saying About The Challenge

My son's blood sugar was also on the high side before I started this program on him, to the glory of God, his blood sugar has been below 100 on breakfast and highest 110 or 115 after food. It's amazing. Every body need to be on this amazing program. We bless the name of the lord Amen. I also appreciate Dr Ebube and husband for introducing to us this amazing way to get our lives back

Julie / Houston Texas

The Program is great, jumpstarts my metabolism, Amazing, I’m very impressed with the program , I did it and I lost 7lb!  Since then, my metabolism is up and running, I’m eating right now, I m losing lots of weight, my mindset is changed, and not only just that, I v lost over 20lb totally. I’m going to be ordering more, I want to thank God for Dr O like I call her- she is amazing, an encourager, she knows what she is about, a team player, she is there to help us answer all our question. I’m excited to be part of this great opportunity and be more HOLISTIC- Prosper and be in HEALTH As Your soul prospers!

Joyce Cooper

Mummy was experiencing an excruciating arthritis pain generally on her body but mainly on her knees and waist and it was very difficult for her to stand upright and move freely. When she kick started the Kingdom Fitness programme, from Day4 she started experiencing relief from those pains especially whenever she took the Therm. Now she is through with the program and has started the EV5, she is a lot better and the pains has reduced very much. At least she can stand upright and do her 30 mins walk without complaining.

Ikwuebu Nkolika / Nigeria